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In HVP Security Shutters you'll find an experienced, professional and health & safety conscious roller shutter supplier and installer.

We carry a complete range of quality security shutters and work nationally and internationally. Our prices and delivery times are very competitive.

Professional roller shutter installer

HVP Security Shutters will look after you, no matter where you are or how big or small your requirements. We treat each individual project with the same attention to detail and quality of customer care.

We're a professional roller shutter installer and we aim to meet or exceed your expectations regarding quality, price, workmanship and delivery times.

Over 25 years experience

25 Years experience.

HVP has been trading for over twenty five years. We are a member of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF), ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance certificated and Worksafe accredited. Also see memberships and accreditations.

Wide product range

Whatever type of security shutter you need, you will almost certainly find it here. Our shutters grace the fronts of major retail centres, airport lounges, sports stadiums, opera houses, theatres and a whole lot more.

Our extensive range of shutters cater for virtually any situation ranging from simple single domestic shutters to multi-shutter installations.

Supply and installation in the UK and beyond

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We work nationwide. Whether you're in London, the Midlands, the Southwest or the North, we're a national company and will look after you no matter where you are.

For certain projects we'll also work internationally. We have for example, carried out security shutter projects in Ireland, mainland Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

Quality security shutters

Security roller shutter with HVP quality mark.

For all our security shutters we use quality materials and components. Our steel and aluminium comes from reliable suppliers and we source materials such as motors and fixing materials from top suppliers.

We don't manufacture all shutters ourselves. Certain types of shutters, for example fire shutters, we buy in from specialist manufacturers. When we do so, we always ensure that these manufacturers have the know-how and specialist facilities to provide the quality we require.

Health and Safety conscious

We take health and safety very seriously. Even a smaller security roller shutter is a relatively heavy piece of equipment. By their nature, roller shutters are installed over openings such as entrances, windows, serveries and reception desks where people walk or work under them. It is therefore, very important that a roller shutter is installed well.

When you purchase a roller shutter from us we'll work with you to ensure you get a product that's suitable for its intended purpose. We'll also see to it that the shutter you receive comes with the necessary safety equipment (such as an inertia safety brake) and we will install your shutter safely and properly using suitable fixing materials.

We work to standardised method statements and site specific risk assessments. We're a Worksafe accredited contractor and all our roller shutter installers are health and safety trained.

Competitive prices and delivery times

Competitive prices.

We want to supply roller shutters of a high quality that are properly installed and safe to use; quality and health & safety are the most important criteria for us. At the same time, we know that to you, price and delivery times can also be crucial. That is why we'll always work with you to provide a quality product at the right price (within your budget) and delivered on time.

For most roller shutters, our delivery times are 4 weeks. However, if your schedule needs a shutter to be installed faster/quicker, we usually can.

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