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Memberships and Accreditations

Punched roller shutters with HVP quality mark.

As a professional roller shutter manufacturer and supplier we aim to meet all your needs.

Our memberships and accreditations help give you the confidence you need to choose HVP Security Shutters.

Certifications and Memberships of Trade Bodies

HVP Security Shutters holds the following memberships/accreditations:

Download certification documents HVP Security Shutters

Certification documents showing that HVP Security Shutters is a DHF member, IS0 9001:2008 certified and Worksafe accredited.

Here you can download all HVP certification documents as a PDF (opens in new window).

How you benefit from our memberships and accreditations

As a customer of HVP Security Shutters you benefit in many important ways from our various memberships and accreditations.

DHF Membership

Log Door and Hardware Federation.

The DHF is a federation that represents the interests of manufacturers and installers of industrial, pedestrian and garage doors as well as manufacturers of locks and building hardware. It provides professionals in all sectors of the building industry with a single source for technical expertise with the ultimate aim of assuring progress and maintaining standards throughout the industry.

Members Code of Conduct

The DHF code of conduct covers all aspects of trading and each member is obliged to adhere to it as a condition of membership. The code covers: Standard of Workmanship; Products Quality Assurance ;Training; Safety Employment; Business Integrity; Insurance.

For more information, please see the DHF website and this leaflet on why you should specify doors and shutters from a DHF member.

ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System

Intertek UKAS logo

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. It applies to the processes that create and control the products and services an organisation supplies.

ISO prescribes systematic control of activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are met. It is designed and intended to apply to virtually any product or service, made by any process anywhere in the world.

Assessment is carried out by a third party, accredited certification body. In the UK, the body should be accredited by UKAS and this is identified by a 'crown and tick' logo.

Worksafe Contractor

Worksafe Contractor logo.

HVP is a Worksafe Contractor. By choosing us, you can be assured you're working with a contractor from an approved database who have demonstrated the appropriate level of competence in their H&S management systems.

Contractors assessed and accredited by an SSIP member scheme have achieved the initial threshold of competence to provide specific services.

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