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Roller shutter safety

In certain circumstances the use of a roller shutter can carry a certain risk. In such cases you may need specific roller shutter safety devices to manage these risks. Below is an overview of the possibilities.

Photo cells

Photocells with reflector.

A small photo unit is placed at either low or high level (in some situations both) and transmits a horizontal beam of light to a reflector or receiver- if someone or something obstructs the beam, power to the motor is cut.

Sensitivity edge

Sensitivity edge.

Generally a rubberised strip containing two copper wires or similar, is placed to the underside of the shutter curtain and if it comes into contact with someone or something power to the motor is cut.

Safety Note !

Risk of injury, especially to children

Many electrically-operated roller shutters have the lifting capacity to lift a person off the ground. Children are particularly vulnerable as they might view an open-lattice type roller shutter as a climbing frame, or try to hold onto the bottom of a roller shutter.

If the roller shutter is operated with a child clinging onto the roller shutter curtain, they could become trapped by the roller mechanism and suffer serious injury or worse. It is therefore important that children are not allowed to play with a roller shutter or its controls.

If a person is standing under the roller shutter when it is being operated, the closing curtain could crush them. If you cannot see the roller shutter when it is being operated, it must be fitted with safety devices to stop the travel of the roller shutter curtain from entrapping or crushing a person or persons.

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