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Aluminium Roller Shutters

An aluminium roller shutter with punch outs on a shopfront.
For commercial use, the heavy-duty K90 aluminium roller shutter is a good choice.

Aluminium roller shutters are relatively lightweight when compared to steel roller shutters. They are also less susceptible to corrosion.

For commercial use the heavy-duty K90 aluminium shutter, the SeceuroVision 900 (both available with punch-outs) or the smaller K25 shutter are good options. For domestic use the K25 aluminium roller shutter is a good choice.

Smaller aluminium roller shutters

The K25 aluminium roller shutter rolls up in a smaller overhead box and has thinner guide-rails than other shutters. These features make it particularly suitable in situations with limited support or headroom or where the appearance of the shutter plays a crucial role. Therefore K25 shutters are often used as office shutters or as domestic roller shutters.

K25 shutters come in white or brown as standard, but we can also paint them to a colour of your choice.

Medium sized aluminium shutters

Medium sized aluminium security shutter with punch-outs.
The SeceuroVision 900 is a medium-sized shutter with large punch-outs for maximum visibility.

The SeceuroVision 900 is an aluminium security shutter with large punch-outs for maximum visibility. The shutter uses a see-through profile that lets through over 60% of light and is a good option for medium sized openings. The shutter's high level of visibility makes it a popular choice for shop-front window displays. It's also very suitable as a light to medium security shutter for offices and residential premises.

Larger aluminium roller shutters

For larger applications, such as shop-fronts, the K90 aluminium roller shutter is an excellent choice. It's a lightweight, strong roller shutter with cut-outs that give a high level of visibility. They are available with or without polycarbonate inserts and can be powder-coated to a colour of your choice.

Curved shutters

Traditional roller shutters roll up and down and can only be fitted in a straight line. But what if you need a shutter that can follow a curve? The answer is our FlexiGlide range of sliding shutters (also made from aluminium). These hang from a top-track and slide and fold horizontally. We can bend the track to any shape, making it possible for the shutter to follow a radius curve.

Product overview aluminium roller shutters

The table below shows an overview of our range of aluminium roller shutters. By clicking the headings you can sort the columns by price, security level and visibilty. For multiple columns shift-click. click to sort (hold shift to select multiple columns)

Overview aluminium roller shutters (click headings to sort)
Product Price Security Visibility Short description
Chainlink shopfront roller grille Chainlink roller grille £
65% Aluminium/stainless steel grille.
Effective security when fitted internally, very good visibility. More »
FlexiGlide sliding folding security shutter FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters ££
Varies Slides horizontally, follows any curve. Various levels of security and visibility. Effective security when fitted internally. More »
K25 aluminium roller shutter with small box K25 Aluminium £
0% Rolls up in small box.
Highly versatile aluminium security shutter. More »
K90 aluminium shopfront roller shutter K77 / K55 Insulated ££
0% Double skinned insulated aluminium.
Lightweight, quiet, low headroom, versatile.
More »
K90 aluminium shopfront roller shutter K90 Aluminium ££
40% Punched aluminium.
Lightweight, strong, visibility.
More »
SeceuroVision punched aluminium shopfront roller shutter SeceuroVision 800 ££
Up to 65% Punched aluminium.
High visibility, balanced with security. More »
SeceuroVision aluminium shopfront roller grille SeceuroVision 900 ££
55% - 69% Aluminium Grille.
High visibility, balanced with security. More »

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