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This page contains information for architects and other specifiers.

There is a product-chooser to help you specify the right type of security shutter for your project.

This page also has information on:

Product chooser

How do you choose the right type of security shutter for your project? The list below highlights a few common scenarios to help you on your way. Click the headings to expand the content beneath them. click to expand

Alternatively, browse our security shutter products section. If you need more information, please contact us - we're happy to help.

Openings with limited headroom

The K25 shutter rolls up smaller than most roller shutters. The overall width is a factor, but generally for shutters up to 2200mm high, it requires headroom of only 205mm. If there is room to stack the shutter at either side of the opening the FlexiGlide range of shutters are an ideal choice.

Airflow required

For low risk applications where maximum airflow is important, choose a Chainlink CL200 or CL250. For medium to high risk applications, choose the K90 slotted or Viewguard.

Car park entrances

When choosing a suitable product, attention should be given to the fact that many car park shutters are automated and cannot be seen when operated. A CL200 will give airflow and visibility but could also be used as a climbing frame by children. Suitable safety features such as 'photo cells' and a 'sensitivity bottom edge' would be required to protect against injury. The K90 shutter fitted with polycarbonate glass or the Viewguard will both give visibility and generally require fewer safety features.

Coastal locations

Aluminium shutters are best for coastal locations but they should be coated with suitable finishes such as 'anodising' or 'powder coating'. Steel shutters in a coastal environment are susceptible to premature rusting, even when galvanised, and should be protected with 'coastal grade powder coating'. This is by no means an anti-rust guarantee so where possible, an aluminium product should be chosen.

Shop fronts

Shopfronts often require a balance between security and visibility. These are the options:

  • K90 (punched aluminium - balances security with visibility)
  • SeceuroVision 800 (punched aluminium - large punch outs for maximum visibility)
  • Facade (transparent polycarbonate shutters - very strong and 80% see-through)
  • Clearlook (as Facade, different design)
  • CL200 (contemporary roller grille, offers visibility and airflow - internal and protected retail environments only)
  • Armourshield (traditional looking roller grille, offers visibility and airflow - internal and protected retail environments only)
  • Viewguard (metal shutters with a multitude of perforations - becomes semi-transparent when backlit)
  • Screenguard (solid metal - no visibility)
  • K25 (small openings up to 5 square metres - no visibility)

See shop front shutters for more information.

Doors including fire exits

K25 or Screenguard. In the case of a fire exit, it is vitally important that the installation of a shutter does not prohibit exit through the fire door opening in a fire situation. Consult with a Fire / Building Control Officer.

Reception counters, Ticket Desks, Luggage Deposit areas

K25, K90, SeceuroVision 900, Armourshield or CL200. The K25 is only suitable for reception counters up to 3.5m wide

Also see reception shutters and bar shutters.

Food kiosks and serveries

K25, Fireguard or K90. The K25 is only suitable for counters up to 3.5m wide.

Also see bar shutters.

Office windows

Solid shutters offer maximum protection for office windows. Good options are the K25 or Screenguard - the K25 is an ideal choice for smaller openings up to 3.5 metres; it is a strong product and ideal for office windows. For larger openings the Screenguard would be the recommended product as it can span widths up to 8 metres.

If daylight needs to come through the shutters, a grille placed behind the glazing is a good choice. Barricade collapsible gates fold away horizontally, while the Seceurovision 900 rolls up vertically.

Also see Office shutters.

Industrial Buildings

Sectional door, Insulated shutter, Screenguard or HVP75 Industrial. Sectional doors and insulated shutters offer thermal properties.

For more information see Industrial shutters.

Room separation

Fireguard, Fire curtain, K77, CL200 and Armourshield.


Public Liability Insurance

HVP have Public Liability insurance cover for the sum of £10 million. This is often the minimum requirement to work at airports, train stations and shopping malls.

Vehicle Insurance

Many insurers exclude insurance cover for high risk areas such as airside areas of airports. Our vehicles are insured for working airside to specifically access airport departure lounges.

Memberships and other Accreditations

HVP are a committed member of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF), are ISO9001:2015 certified and a Worksafe certified contractor, also see memberships and accreditations for more information.

Permission to install a roller shutter

In some cases it is necessary to acquire permission before installing a security roller shutter. Below are some considerations and an overview of possible parties involved:

Local Planning Authority

If the roller shutter is to be fitted externally to commercial or retail premises, it would generally be a requirement to obtain permission from the Local Planning Authority. Permission is not normally required for internally fitted shutters but it would still be prudent to make enquiries.

Landlord Consent

If the premises are rented or leased you should always seek written permission from the landlord.

Conservation Area

You will need to seek permission from the local Conservation Officer for both internally and externally fitted shutters.

Listed Buildings

You will need to seek permission from the local Listed Building Authority for both internally and externally fitted shutters.

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