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Bar roller shutters

Bar roller shutters typically need to secure a bar area when it's not in use. The options to consider are whether the bar (and therefore the shutter) is curved or goes around a corner, and whether the shutter needs to be of an open or closed type.

Bar and security shutter layout

Plastic bar roller grilles.
A bar roller grille with an open type curtain communicates visually that the bar is closed.

The first consideration when choosing a bar shutter is the layout of the bar-counter.

Bars with angled corners

Many bar counters have a 90 degree or 45 degree angle. If this is the case the shutter securing the bar typically has an angled corner post. If the bar has multiple angles, it's possible to install multiple shutters with multiple posts. Corner posts can be fixed or removable. 90 and 45 degree angles are standard, but we can supply posts at most other angles as well.

Curved bars

Some bars follow a smooth curve. For such setups a FlexiGlide sliding shutter is the only real option. The shutters slide horizontally and stack away at the side of the bar (typically in a custom built box).

Open or closed bar shutters

The second consideration for a bar security shutter is whether it needs to be of the open or closed type.

Open type bar grilles

If the main purpose of a bar shutter is to visually communicate the bar is closed, an open type shutter or grille may be a good option. Choose between a spacious and elegant chainlink roller grille, or a lightweight and effective PVC roller grille.

Chainlink grilles have larger openings than PVC roller grilles. So chainlinks give a bit more airflow and visibility, whereas PVC grilles give better security against people reaching through (the openings on a PVC grille are small enough to prevent most people from reaching through the shutter).

Closed bar shutters

If security is the main concern or if the bar serves alcoholic beverages that can only be on display between certain hours, a closed roller shutter is the best option. The best options are the K25 aluminium roller shutter or the K-lite foam filled roller shutter.

Shutters for bars with limited headspace

FlexiGlide shutter on a bar servery area.
FlexiGlide shutter require minimum headspace.

All our bar shutters roll up into small boxes and need only a limited amount of space to roll up into (usually 200mm is enough). However, in some situations there is even less space than that, for example on bars without a bulkhead. In these situations a FlexiGlide sliding grille can be the solution.

FlexiGlide sliding shutters have a top-track of only 45mm high (they work without a bottom track). Sometimes it's even possible to recess this track into the ceiling, so that the counter opening stays completely clear.

Wooden bar roller shutters

Real timber wooden bar roller shutter.
Craftsman-made bar roller shutter made from real wood.

We also supply a range of wooden bar roller shutters. These beautiful, craftsman-made products are available with both a solid and an open curtain. They are made from real timber in a variety of woods and finishes.

Please see our section on wooden roller shutters for more information.

Bar roller shutters case study

There are various things to consider with a bar roller shutter project. For a practical take on this, have a look at this case study of bar roller shutters we installed at Hatherleigh Cricket Club.

Product overview bar roller shutters

The table below shows an overview of our range of bar roller shutters and grilles. Clicking the headings sorts the columns underneath by price, security level, etc. (hold shift for multiple columns). click to sort (hold shift to select multiple columns)

Overview bar roller shutters (click headings to sort)
Product Price Security Visibility Short description
CL70 bar roller grille CL70 PVC grille £
30% Lightweight PVC grille.
Economic, effective security.
More »
FlexiGlide sliding folding security shutter FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters ££
Varies Slides horizontally, follows any curve. Various levels of security and visibility. Effective security when fitted internally. More »
K25 aluminium roller shutter on a bar K25 Aluminium £
0% Versatile, quiet in operation, low maintenance, lightweight and strong. More »
SeceuroVision aluminium shopfront roller grille SeceuroVision 900 ££
55% - 69% Aluminium Grille.
High visibility, balanced with security. More »
Viewguard shopfront roller shutter Wooden shutters £££
Varies Real timber, various types. Solid or open curtain reinforced with steel cables. More »

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