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Barricade Collapsible Gate

Strong sliding collapsible grille - Neatly folds back when not in use Download
L20 Spec.

Barricade grilles are a horizontally folding, fully retractable security system. They are exceptionally strong security barriers that offer very good visibility when locked.

Our collapsible gates are galvanised for corrosion resistance and then powder coated. You can choose from a wide range of powder coating colours. The gates are locked in multiple places with a single key for convenience. They run on a smooth carrier system and can be custom built to suit almost any opening.

The Barricade grille is quick and easy to use. For very wide openings we can install multiple sections of grilles.

Also available in an insurance approved version.

Also see our case study of fitting a wide sliding grille at the entrance to an indoor climbing wall in a Holiday Park.

Barricade Collapsible Gate technical specification

Technical Specification Barricade Collapsible Gate

Sideway folding collapsible gate


Manufactured from all galvanised high grade steel and supplied in 'X' lattice as standard or 'S' lattice as an option.

Top hung on nylon coated steel bearings. Two point locking (four point for the insurance approved version) from a single key with the lock mechanism shielded by a steel plate. Overlapped locking profiles. Optional folding bottom track. Strong steel lattice with smooth durable finish.


Manual operation


All galvanised steel construction. Polyester Powder Coated to a range of RAL colours.

Size guide:

  • Maximum Height: 3500mmH ( insurance approved version 3000mmH )
  • Minimum Height: 500mmH ( insurance approved version 1000mmH )

  • Maximum Width ( bi-parting ): 6000mmW
  • Minimum Width ( bi-parting ): 1000mmW

  • Maximum Width ( single sash ): 3000mmW
  • Minimum Width ( single sash ): 500mmW

  • An unlimited width can be accommodated in sections

Contact HVP at 01392 270218 for shutter weights or any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist.

Technical drawings

Below are technical drawings of face fixed and reveal fixed Barricade grilles. Hover over the images for more detail.

Face fixed arrangement

Technical drawing of a retractable collapsible security gate in face fixex position. Diagram of a face fixed Barricade Collapsible Gate

Reveal fixed arrangement

Technical drawing of a retractable collapsible security gate in reveal fixed position. Diagram of a reveal fixed Barricade Collapsible Gate

Description Barricade retractable grilles

The Barricade retractable grille is a 'top-hung' grille that opens and closes silently and effortlessly. The lattice area of the grille is made from high grade steel uprights and links. The rivets holding the uprights together were especially designed for the grille and in tests, have resisted a 'pull-out' force of 250kgs.

The grille is supplied in an 'X' lattice pattern as standard, with an 'S' pattern as an option. The lattice area is galvanised and then powder-coated white or in a colour of your choice from a range of colours. The galvanised and powder coated finish makes Barricade grilles very resistant to corrosion.

x and s lattice option for the barricade security grille Barricade grilles have an x-lattice as standard and optionally an s-pattern.

The grille is fully framed with a galvanised steel channel, 30mm high and 50mm wide. The bottom track has the option of using an alternative low profile section, 19mm high and 38mm wide*. In both cases, there is also the option of having the bottom track so that it either hinges up, or can be removed while the grille is open. The stacks have a 'hinge-aside' option*.

* (not available for the insurance approved version)

Optional extras

The Barricade grille is available with the following optional extras: hinge aside stashes, folding up bottom-track, lifting-out bottom-track, floating sash, fixed sash, bottom running option.

Hinge aside option

The sash (stack) of the grille can optionally be hinged aside, leaving a wider opening when the grille is not in use. Please note that this option is unavailable for the Insurance approved version.

Technical drawing of a retractable collapsible security gate with hinge aside options. Barricade Grille - Hinge Aside Option (not available on Insurance approved version)
Hover over the image to enlarge

Hinge aside notes

  • The length of the folding track cannot exceed the height of the gate.
  • Folding tracks with a length of 600mm or more are supplied with a retaining pin as standard (see drawing above)

Maximum size for hinge aside:

  • 1800mmW x 2400mmH (single sash)
  • 3600mmW x 2400mmH (double sash)

Folding track and removable track options

We can supply the grilles with a folding bottom-track (which hinges up and is stored against the opened stack) or a lift out / lift off removable bottom-track (which can be taken out completely when the grille is not in use).

Note: Folding tracks with a length of 600mm or more are supplied with a retaining pin as standard. This is located between 488mm and 568mm from the ground regardless of track length. The retaining pin projects 60mm beyond the lock post.

Technical drawing of a retractable collapsible security gate with folding and removable options. Barricade Grille - folding and removable track options
Hover over the image to enlarge

Floating and fixed sash options

We can supply both the standard and the Insurance approved Barricade grille as a floating or fixed sash.

A floating sash lock to both sides, and the gates can bunch to either side of the opening. This design facilitates easy cleaning of windows and can improve flexibility of access.

When retraction is not a requirement, we can supply the Barricade as a fixed grille. This is often used as an alternative to fixed bars.

Technical drawing of a retractable collapsible security gate with Floating and fixed sash options. Floating and fixed sash options
Hover over the image to enlarge

Insurance approved

The Barricade grille is also available in an insurance approved version with a specially designed lattice assembly system utilising high grade steel screws (patented). Approval has been gained as a result of independent testing to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 Security Rating Classification 1.

LPCB badges for the Barricade grille

Each insurance approved gate carries the LPCB mark on a metal plate fixed to the outside of the product.

Insurance approved specification

The insurance approved version of the Barricade retractable security gate has also successfully undergone third party evaluation and can display a specific marking to indicate its tested level of security.

Our test-partner identifies technical standards and evaluations which test the competence of security products and their resistance to criminal attack. The tests and evaluations are carried out by UKAS approved test houses.

Installation criteria

The validity of the LPCB certification is contingent upon each security gate being installed in accordance with the requirements of LPS 1175. For the Barricade grille these are as follows:

  • Minimum fixing distance from edge of reveal : 50mm.
  • Maximum fixing distance from any corner : 100mm.
  • Maximum distance between fixing : 400mm.
  • Using correct fixings depending on medium installed onto (masonry, wood or steel).

Our installers are trained to fix the Insurance approved Barricade to these criteria.

About optional extras

Please note: The Insurance approved version of the Barricade is not available with the hinge aside option, bottom running option, split top bottom tracks, removable bottom track or split sashes. These features are available on the non insurance approved Barricade only.


Collapsible gates combine a classic appearance with effective protection. This makes them ideal for protecting both domestic and commercial premises.

In a domestic setting a collapsible gate gives a high level of protection. They are designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in. When not in use, our collapsible gates fold back and stack away neatly to the side. This makes them perfect for protecting vulnerable doors or windows in the house.

House with collapsible gates in front of double doors for protection
In a domestic setting a collapsible gate gives a high level of protection and is perfect for protecting vulnerable doors or windows in the house.

Also, in commercial circumstances, collapsible gates provide a very good level of security. They let in a lot of light, which makes them very suitable for office use. In retail situations the Barricade grille gives a high level of visibility while providing an effective barrier against intruders, which allows merchandise to be safely left on display.

In both commercial and domestic scenarios Barricade grilles are typically installed behind glass to make it difficult to get to them in the first place. They then have a very high resistance to being bent or pulled out, making them very effective security barriers.

Downloads Barricade Security Grilles

Below are downloads for our Barricade Collapsible Gate.

Please contact us for further information such as collapsible gate weights, available colours, technical advice or project specific drawings. We'll be happy to help with any further information you require.

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