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Chainlink Roller Shutters Coventry University

As part of the complete strip out and reform of a new recreational area and hub café at Coventry University we were privileged to have been chosen to provide the roller shutters for the café area.

Chainlink roller shutter in the closed position in front of a bar
When the CL200 Chainlink is closed it prevents access to the bar area, while maintaining a very open feel and allowing air and light to pass through (click for larger photo)
Coventry University

It’s unusual for us to see the before and after, because typically our shutters go in before the project is finished and before the finishing touches have been put in place. But on this occasion we were invited back to look at the finished result.

Roller mechanism above ceiling

The shutters operate with electrical motors and roll up onto barrels that sit above the ceiling. They have T-shaped aluminium bottom-bars that close off the gap in the ceiling, leaving only a neat strip visible.

Two closed shutters and one open shutter
An open shutter rolls up above the ceiling where only a strip of aluminium is visible (click for larger photo)

Guiderails at the side of the shutter (to hold the shutter in place) are recessed in the pillars, and so blend in beautifully.

One shutter roller above another

The shutters sit at right angles to each other. And because they are close together we used the space above the ceiling to place one roller above the other.

Chainlink roller shutters at right angles to each other
The shutters in their final, closed position (click for larger photo)

Work in progress

The photos below show the work in progress. We're on site before the bar is built, installing the roller shutters. Because these shutters are relatively wide and high, we use a scissor lift to move it into place.

The photos also show the situation above the ceiling, with one shutter sitting higher than the other. This allows them to be close to each other at right angles, without the curtains interfering.

Roller shutter installation with genie lift
After lifting the shutter in place with a scissor lift (click for larger photo)
roller shutters before ceiling is in place
The ceiling is not in place yet, and we can see how one shutter's roller is located above the other shutter (click for larger photo)

More information

For more information on the roller shutter used at this project, see the Chainlink CL200 product page.

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