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Cruise Ship Roller Shutters at TUI Cruises' Mein Schiff

Over the last five years HVP have had the contract for the roller shutters on all the 5 star cruise ships of TUI Cruises owned Mein Schiff.

Cruise ship in port
On TUI's cruiseships HVP's roller shutters literally go around the world.
logo TUI Cruises

We have worked on some amazing projects over the years but this contract is going to take some beating.

Because lets face it, not everyone gets excited about shutters. But unfortunately it's an occupational hazard here at HVP ;-)

However, roller shutters do not have to be drab or dreary and we are doing our best to give them a better reputation.

Types of shutters for the cruise ships

Open type roller shutters at a shop entrance
Armourshield roller grilles closing off a shop aboard the cruise ship (click for larger photo)

For the 'Mein Schiff' series cruise ships, we supplied two types of shutters. Firstly, the Facade transparent polycarbonate shutter, a transparent security shutters with superior visibility and exceptional strength. And secondly, the Armourshield Roller Grille, which offers tough security with good visibility and airflow. Here we take a look at the Armourshields installed at the ships.

From drawing to shutter

The cruise ships are completely refurbished on a standard schedule, and at that time the shutters are changed as well. We work together with the shipyard and create drawings to the specifications they supply.

Armourshield roller shutter at clothing shop entrance
Armourshield roller shutter in Style B - standard ring made from 8mm steel bars (click for larger photo)

Extra support for sea journeys

These cruise-ships travel the whole world, going on extended journeys, visiting the Carribean, the America's, Europe, the Orient and Asia. So they are built to the highest standards and need to be able to withstand any kind of weather they may encounter.

Therefore, in addition to the normal safety features such as safety brakes, the shutters also receive extra support at the time of installation. Also see the anatomy of a roller shutter for more information.

Open space for visibility and airflow

Our shutters are used in the on-board shoping centre to close off the shops outside of opening hours. The Armourshield's design gives lots of open space and airflow, which creates the right ambiance for the ships' shopping arcades.

Close-up of O-ring style roller shutter
The large openings created by the steel pattern give great visibility and let air flow through freely (click for larger photo)

Armourshield grilles are available in various configurations, and the shipyard chose the o-ring setup which creates a nice balanced pattern.

close up detail of steel rods in o-shape for armourshield shutter
Detail of the 8mm steel rods that create the o-shaped openings on this type of shutter

More information

For more information on the roller shutter used at this project, see the Armourshield product page or contact us.

Download Case Study PDF

We're proud that our shutters were chosen for some of the world's largest cruise ships. Watch the video below to get a sense for the scale of these boats.

Photo credit: main cruise ship photo by Ein Dahmer and shared under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license

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