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Heathrow Airport Roller Shutter for Easirent Car Rental

Heathrow Airport is on a continuous journey of improvements and upgrades to their facilities. Security is a one aspect of these improvements, and HVP have been assisting with security roller shutters on and around the airport premises.

Our shutter engineers regularly work at airports throughout the UK and have the necessary skill, experience, and equipment to provide applicable airside works in accordance with good industry practice.

passengers walking around at Heathrow Airport
Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world. Work on improvements and upgrades is ongoing and HVP Security Shutters have been assisting with roller shutters on and around the airport.

Roller shutter to office and car storage outbuilding

On this occasion we were asked to install one of our Screenguard Roller Shutters at Easirent Car Rental. The shutter was being installed on the opening of an outbuilding that had been refurbished into an office and car storage area for their car rental service. To match the existing wall, the roller shutter was powder coated in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

Grey roller shutter in a grey wall
the Screenguard roller shutter was installed over the entrance to Easirent's office and car storage area. Its colour matches the surrounding wall.

Custom made bottom rail for uneven floor

All our roller shutters are made to measure, because every project is unique. In this case the floor was uneven (at a very light slope, a fairly common occurance), which meant that a standard bottom rail would not fully close off the gap between the shutter and the floor. Therefore we fitted a bottom wedge to ensure a closing fit and a safe and efficient operation of the shutter.

Bottom rail wedge for sloped opening

The close-up below shows the bottom-rail wedge in more detail. This was a custom-made solution, and an example of how we always work with our clients to come to the best possible approach for their project.

Detail of a sloped bottom rail on a roller shutter
The sloped bottom-rail on this roller shutter closes off the gap that would otherwise be present between the underside of the roller shutter and the sloping floor.

Airport security shutters

We're a nationwide roller shutter manufacturer and often work at the UK's airports. For more information about this, also see airport shutters.

Photo credits

Photos of roller shutter and roller shutter bottom rail detail © HVP Security Shutters Ltd. Photo of Heathrow Airport passengers by Tomek Baginski.

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