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Mare Street Studios, Hackney London

Mare Street Studios is a open plan community and business work space. When they needed to be able to secure the bar and coffee shop they only had one cost effective option due to the size and the shape of the bar area.

FlexiGlide Vision Guard sliding shutter just after installation
FlexiGlide shutters can span any width; here we're covering 13 metres. They fold away completely to the side, where they're typically stored in a pocket closed off with a door. Click the image for a larger version.

A shutter that stacks away completely

The obvious answer was our Flexiglide sliding shutter range, wanting to keep the area as open as possible we fitted our Vision Guard shutter. The finished shutter was over thirteen metres wide and three metres high.

People in restaurant with servery area
When the kitchen/servery area is in use, the shutter slides away completely out of sight, leaving the opening 100% clear. There is also no bottom track.

Custom built pocket with door

A custom built pocket in a wall houses the complete shutter when it's not in use. When the pocket is clsoed with a door, you wouldn't even guess there's a security shutter installed here.

workmen next to a wall that houses a storage area for a sliding shutter
When stacked the security shutter takes up just under 2 metres, and fits easily in its 3.5 metres deep housing.

Manufacture and installation drawing

Like with every shutter installation certain details (such as weight, support structure, height, stacking area, etc.) need to be well planned in advance. The drawing below shows the plan we work from when building and installing the shutter.

Plan drawing of flexiglude shutter at mare street
This plan shows all the details of the shutter, including length, height and weight, as well as requirements for its supporting structure. Click the image for a larger version.

Mare Street Studios in London has become a modern shared office centre with a beautiful open-plan nature. HVP's FlexiGlide shutter fits in very well and wer'e very happy we've been able to contribute to the project.

The exterior of the new Office Building at Mare Street in London
The offices are located on the popular Mare Street, which runs through the centre of Hackney in London.

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Interior and exterior images courtesy of Workspace, Mare Street, London

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