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CL70 Bar Roller Grilles

Lightweight and Economical Security for Bar and Reception Counters Download
L20 Spec.

The CL70 roller grille is lightweight and compact, designed specifically for areas with limited support and space for a roller shutter. It's particularly suitable for use in bars and reception areas.

The CL70 roller grille can be manually operated to cover relatively large areas, eliminating the need for a motor. Its design and construction also make it cost-effective to install and easy to maintain.

CL70 bar roller grille technical specification

Technical Specification CL70 PVC Bar Roller Grille

Lightweight PVC link security roller shutter


Manufactured using PVC links on aluminium rods.
Guides manufactured from aluminium or steel, depending on type of application.
Bottom rail to be aluminium T-section.


Manual push up/pull down operation or electric operation by internal tubular motor with manual override facility. Safety brake fitted when required to comply with BS EN 13241:2003-1 (HVP Security Shutters' general policy is to fit a safety brake unless specified otherwise).

Locking Options:

Bottom rail central key lock, Guide pin locks, or Ground padlocking system. Electrically operated grilles are generally self-locking. For additional security HVP Security Shutters recommends guide pin locks or a ground padlocking unit combined with a motor isolator box.


Finish of links to be PVC brown, black, red or white. Finish of bottom rail and guides to be anodised natural or powder coated to standard BS/RAL colour (some non-standard colours may increase the delivery time).

Maximum Sizes:

Manual: 2500mmW x 2500mmH
Electric: 7600mmW x 5500mmH

Contact HVP at 01392 270218 for shutter weights or any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist.

Technical drawings

Below are technical drawings of the CL70 roller grille. Hover over the images for more detail.

Manual arrangements

Technical drawing of CL70 grilles reveal and face fixed. Face fixed and reveal fixed arrangements for manually operated CL70 grliles.

Corner and centre post details

Technical drawing details of roller grille corner and center posts. Diagram showing corner and centre post details.

Description CL70 bar roller grilles

The CL70 is a roller grille made from PVC tubes and links connected by full-width horizontal aluminium rods. The shutter's construction is lightweight but strong. The openings between the links are large enough to allow good visibility and airflow, and at the same time small enough to prevent people from reaching through and taking things from the other side.

Manual operation possible up to relatively large sizes

Because the CL70 is lightweight in construction, it can be operated manually up to relatively large sizes. This means that in many situations there is no need to install a motor. This in turn saves on initial installation cost as well as making CL70 grilles particularly easy to maintain.

Most importantly, without the need for a motor in many situations, the CL70 bar grille can be very compact and fits into tighter bulkhead spaces than comparable security roller grilles.

Corner arrangements

CL70 roller grilles can be easily adapted to fit into angled and cornered arrangements. We provide special 45-degree and 90-degree corner posts or can custom-make a corner post at a non-standard angle. Corner posts can be fixed or removable.

CL70 bar roller grille suitability

Because of its lighter weight, the CL70 roller grille can be operated manually up to relatively large sizes. So where there is no electricity available or desirable, this PVC grille is a good option.

The CL70 roller grille is compact and easily installs in most bulkheads. Its specially moulded links and clever design ensures the shutter gives excellent security on smaller openings.

The CL70's advantages in weight, size, ease of operation and security make this roller grille especially suitable for bars and serveries as well as reception counters.

Downloads CL70 Bar Roller Grilles

Below are downloads for our CL70 bar roller grilles: technical drawings, specification texts and a technical brochure/fact-sheet.

Please contact us for further information such as roller grille weights, available colours, technical advice or project specific drawings. We'll be happy to help with any further information you require.

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