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Curved shutters

Curved security shutter at a shopfront.
FlexiGlide shutters don't have a bottom track or side guide-rails. They slide and fold horizontally and we can bend them to almost any radius curve.

With our range of FlexiGlide sliding shutters you can secure almost any curved opening.

Traditionally, if you needed a shutter to secure an opening built to follow a radius curve, the only option was to install smaller straight shutters in front of the area to be closed off. By angling these shutters slightly, it was possible to create a secure barrier for the whole opening. However, there were many disadvantages:

Firstly, you'd need multiple shutters which increased cost; secondly, those shutters would all need vertical guide rails, essentially breaking up the opening; thirdly, you couldn't secure an opening with too big a radius; and finally, it was just an ugly solution.

Top track bends to any shape

Detail of a curved shutter top track.
The curtain folds onto itself and slides on a track.

FlexiGlide shutters solve all those problems (and more). Most importantly, they hang from a top-track that we can bend to almost any shape. So if you have a curved reception desk, bar or shop front that needs a security shutter, we can exactly match its curvature.

FlexiGlide shutters don't have a bottom track or side guide rails; instead, they slide and fold horizontally, leaving the opening completely clear when not in use.

Advantages of our curved shutters

Our curved shutters can follow any curve, but they have more advantages over traditional roller shutters. For example:

  • They need very little headroom.
    The top track is only 45mm high and if necessary, can be recessed.
  • They are lightweight.
    They are made from aluminium and so weigh relatively little. This makes them more suitable for limited support structures than roller shutters.
  • They can span any width.
    Whether the opening you need to secure is 2 metres wide or 80 metres wide, we can secure it with a single sliding shutter. For wider openings, we would break it up into sections so that it remains possible to open and close the shutter manually.

See our page on FlexiGlide shutters for more information. Also see the FlexiGlide website for more advantages of sliding shutters.

Overview Curved shutters
Product Price Security Visibility Short description
FlexiGlide sliding folding security shutter FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters ££
Varies Slides horizontally, follows any curve. Various levels of security and visibility. Effective security when fitted internally. More »

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