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K77 & K55 Foam Filled Aluminium Shutter

Lightweight insulated shutters with a condensed design to save as much space as possible Download
L20 Spec.

K77 and K55 foam filled aluminium roller shutters are the ideal choice for openings with limited headroom, like garages, kiosks and receptions. They offer all the benefits of insulated shutters, but in a condensed design to help utilise as much space as possible.

The K77 shutter consists of 77mm double skinned foam filled aluminium slat and gives a medium security level with insulation properties. It’s a versatile shutter that can be used for a range of applications.

The K55 uses a 55mm slat and has an even smaller coil, so it’s ideal when there is very little headroom.

K77 / K55 aluminium roller shutter technical specification

Technical Specification K77 / K55 roller shutter

Double skinned 77mm or 55mm foam filled aluminium roller shutters.


Curtain manufactured from foam-filled aluminium lath profile 77mm high x 19mm thick (K77) or 55mm high x 13.5mm thick (K55). For applications that require light or vision to pass through the door, non insulated punched and glazed slats can be incorporated into the door curtain (K77 only).


Manual push up/pull down operation or electric operation by internal tubular motor with manual override facility. Safety brake fitted when required to comply with BS EN 13241:2003-1 (HVP Security Shutters' general policy is to fit a safety brake unless specified otherwise).


Roll formed aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes. Bottom box removable for installation and maintenance and chamfered at 45°. The shutter box is assembled on die cast aluminium endplates.


Extruded aluminium guides with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing. Double brush seals supplied in all guide channels, to eliminate draughts and assist in the smooth operation of the curtain.

Guiderail dimensions


90mm wide x 37mm deep (standard) or 75mm wide x 34mm deep (slim)


75mm wide x 27mm deep (250mm box) or 66mm wide x 27mm deep (205mm box)

Locking Options:

Electrically operated grilles are generally self-locking. For additional security HVP Security Shutters recommends guide pin locks or a ground padlocking unit combined with a motor isolator box.


Polyester Powder Coated White or Dark Brown finish as standard to all exposed parts; range of other colours available, including textured woodgrain finishes.

Box sizes: Clear opening height
(to underside of box)

Box size K55 K77
205mm 1895mm n/a
250mm 2850mm 1550mm
300mm n/a 2600mm
350mm n/a 3000mm

Maximum shutter sizes:

  • 5400mmW x 3000mmH (K77)
  • 3000mmW x 2850mmH (K55)

Contact HVP at 01392 270218 for shutter weights or any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist.

Technical drawings

In the drawings below you'll find different views of the K77 / K55 aluminium roller shutter. Hover over the images for more detail.

Face fix K77 / K55

Technical drawing showing a K77 / K55 Aluminium Roller face fixed in plan view and front/side view. Front, side and plan view diagrams of a K77 / K55 Aluminium Roller Shutter, face fixed

Reveal fix K77 / K55

Technical drawing showing a K77 / K55 Aluminium Roller reveal fixed in plan view and front/side view. Front, side and plan view diagrams of a K77 / K55 Aluminium Roller Shutter, reveal fixed

Description K77 / K55 Aluminium roller shutters

The K77 and K55 insulated aluminium roller shutters are the ideal choice for garages and other spaces (such as receptions) with very little or no headroom at all. They have a condensed design to help utilise as much space as possible.

This exceptional, yet pleasantly priced insulated roller shutter door has been specifically designed to improve on many of the virtues of both sectional overhead doors and traditional steel roller shutters.

Available in a range of colours, including simulated wood grain. A high quality powder coated corrosion resistant finish of all the exposed parts makes these shutters suitable for almost any situation.

Insulated aluminium security shutters

K77 / K55 aluminium roller shutters are ideally suited for residential premises and garages (quiet operation), offices, day-centres, hospitals and schools (low headroom), as well as shopping malls and shops.

Downloads K77 / K55 aluminium roller shutters

Below are downloads for the HVP K77 / K55 security roller shutter: technical drawings, specification texts and a technical brochure/fact-sheet.

If you require further information, please contact us. We can inform you about roller shutter weights and available colours, as well as give you technical advice or project specific drawings. We look forward to hearing from you.

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