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Office security roller shutters

Considerations for roller shutters and grilles for the office.

Roller shutters at the windows and door of an office building
K25 roller shutters are a good choice for protecting office windows and doors.

In an office environment, the K25 aluminium roller shutter proves to be an exceptional solution for enhancing security around perimeter windows and doors while providing an added layer of protection to reception counters. For environments where visibility and airflow are essential, opting for a K25 model with a punched or perforated curtain ensures these needs are met effectively.

Additionally, our CL200 roller grille and Armourshield roller grille options not only bolster security but also optimize visibility and airflow, making them ideal choices for offices seeking a perfect balance between safety and ventilation.

Make an informed choice for your office security needs by exploring our diverse range of roller shutters and grilles tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Shutters for larger office windows

Larger openings can be protected with a Screenguard or Viewguard roller shutter.

Office meeting room with table and windows
Office roller shutters provide protection for office meeting rooms, ensuring the safety of valuable assets like laptops, phones, office equipment, important documents, and confidential information.

Viewguard or Screenguard shutters for office spaces - what's the difference?

When it comes to office security roller shutters, the choice between ,Screenguard and Viewguard offers distinct advantages catering to different security needs.

Screenguard roller shutters, constructed from robust galvanized steel and featuring an interlocking lath design, provide an impenetrable barrier, ensuring unparalleled security and durability. These shutters are solid and completely opaque, offering maximum privacy and protection against intruders.

On the other hand, Viewguard roller shutters are designed with perforated lath segments, allowing light to filter through while maintaining a level of security. This feature is ideal for spaces where visibility is essential, such as office areas requiring natural light even when the shutters are closed. While Screenguard prioritizes complete privacy and a solid barrier, Viewguard strikes a balance between security and visibility, making it a suitable choice for offices where both security and aesthetics are crucial considerations.

The choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the office space, whether it prioritizes total opacity and enhanced security or a combination of security and visibility.

Product overview office roller shutters

The table below shows an overview of our range of office roller shutters and grilles. Clicking the headings sorts the columns underneath by price, security level, etc. (hold shift for multiple columns). click to sort (hold shift to select multiple columns)

Overview of roller shutters suitable for use in office spaces (click headings to sort)
Product Price Security Visibility Short description
Armourshield shopfront roller grille Armourshield roller grille ££
50% Waved steel rods.
Elegant security, good visibility.
More »
Chainlink shopfront roller grille Chainlink roller grille £
65% Aluminium/stainless steel grille.
Effective security when fitted internally, very good visibility. More »
FS50 Fireguard fire resisting roller shutter FS50 Fireguard ££
0% Tubular motor fire shutter. 2 hour fire rating. Powered down. More compact. More »
FS75 Fireguard fire resisting roller shutter FS75 Fireguard ££
0% External block motor fire shutter. 2-4 hour fire rating. Powered down / Self-closing. More »
K25 aluminium roller shutter with small box K25 Aluminium £
0% Rolls up in small box.
Highly versatile aluminium security shutter. More »
Screenguard shopfront roller shutter Screenguard £
0% Solid steel.
Security and privacy.
More »
SeceuroVision aluminium shopfront roller grille SeceuroVision 900 ££
55% - 69% Aluminium Grille.
High visibility, balanced with security. More »
Viewguard shopfront roller shutter Viewguard £
30% Perforated steel.
Security and visibility.
More »

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