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SeceuroVision 800 Roller Shutters

Aluminium security shutters with large punch-outs for maximum visibility Download
L20 Spec.

The SeceuroVision 800 is a specialised security shutter designed for retail premises. It balances security with visibility. The shutter uses a see-through profile that lets through up to 65% of available light.

With such a high level of visibility, this security roller shutter is a popular choice for window displays of high street shop fronts and shopping centres. In fact, many local authorities demand such open style shutters for established high streets and modern shopping centres. It's also very suitable as a light to medium security shutter for offices and residential premises.

SeceuroVision 800 roller shutters specification

Technical Specification SeceuroVision 800 roller shutter

Aluminium security shutters with large punch-outs for visibility


Manufactured from 80mm aluminium lath extruded section with 150 x 55mm cut-outs; Extruded aluminium bottom rail with optional bottom rail weather seal; Extruded aluminium guides 90mm wide x 34mm deep with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing. High density 4mm pile brush seals for quiet and smooth operation. Optional glazing comprising of 1.5mm thick polycarbonate glass strips.

Canopy (optional):

Roll formed aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes. Bottom box removable for installation and maintenance and chamfered at 45°. The shutterbox is assembled on die cast aluminium endplates.

Box sizes

Clear opening height shutter (to underside of box): up to 2150mm, box size 250mm

Clear opening height shutter (to underside of box): up to 2900mm, box size 300mm


Electric operation by internal tubular motor with manual override facility. Safety brake fitted when required to comply with BS EN 13241:2003-1 (HVP Security Shutters' general policy is to fit a safety brake unless specified otherwise).

Locking Options:

Electrically operated grilles are generally self-locking. For additional security HVP Security Shutters recommends guide pin locks or a ground padlocking unit combined with a motor isolator box.


Polyester Powder Coated White or Dark Brown as standard. Complete shutter can be powder coated to any RAL colour (some non-standard colours may increase the delivery time).

Maximum Sizes:

6000mmW x 4500mmH

Contact HVP at 01392 270218 for shutter weights or any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist.

Technical drawings

Below are technical drawings of the SeceuroVision 800 in a brick-bond pattern and an inline pattern. Hover over the images for more detail.

Brick-Bond Pattern

Technical drawing a SeceuroVision 800 shutter with a brick-bond pattern on the curtain. Drawing of the SeceuroVision 800 in a brick-bond pattern

Inline Pattern

Technical drawing a SeceuroVision 800 shutter with an inline pattern on the curtain. Drawing of the SeceuroVision 800 in an inline pattern

Description SeceuroVision 800 roller grilles

Designed with visibility in mind, the SeceuroVision 800 is an ideal roller shutter for shop front windows. With up to 65% open space, merchandise stays clearly visible while the security shutter protects the shop.

For shop fronts that are backlit in the evening, a darkly coloured shutter gives a beautiful contrast between inside and outside. Goods on display can be seen very well in such a set-up.

For maximum security and visibility this security roller shutter is best placed on the inside of the shop front window. If installed on the outside, in front of the glass, we recommend adding polycarbonate glazing and weather seals to the shutter for additional protection.

Mix solid and punched sections

It's possible to add in solid sections to the shutter curtain for further security. Contact us for more information.

SeceuroVision 800 roller shutter suitability

Because of its very high level of open space, town planners often prefer this roller shutter over similar security shutters.

The SeceuroVision 800 aluminium roller shutter is a good choice for retail shop fronts and other commercial premises. In shopping centres the SeceuroVision is typically installed without polycarbonate inserts to allow airflow through the curtain.

For offices this type of security shutter is also very useful, because it lets through light and creates a more open and spacious feeling than solid roller shutters.

Made from aluminium with large amounts of open space, the shutter is also relatively lightweight. This makes the SeceuroVision more suitable than other types of roller shutters for structures with limited support.

Downloads SeceuroVision 800 Roller Shutters

Below are downloads for the SeceuroVision 800 Aluminium Roller Shutter.

Please contact us for further information such as roller shutter weights, available colours, technical advice or project specific drawings. We'll be happy to help with any further information you require.

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