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Cobra 610 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

Superior thermal performance - optimal opening size Download
L20 Spec.

The Cobra 610 is an insulated sectional overhead door with a guaranteed high thermal performance. It insulates better than current building specifications with less cold-bridging when compared to traditional roller shutters.

Sectional overhead doors slide away fully up and over the top of the opening. They leave the opening completely free, which makes them ideally suited for goods doors in warehouses, factories and storage areas.

Sectional overhead door technical specification

Technical Specification Cobra 610

Insulated sectional overhead door


Manufactured from hinged panels 40mm thick x 610mm high. The panels are made from 39mm thick rigid polyurethane foam and covered inside and outside by 0.5mm thick hot-dipped galvanised steel sheets. The inner and outer sheets are 'V' grooved to provide increased lateral strength.

The whole door has a low density, compressible foam at the panel base, and a factory applied weather seal at the bottom edge.

The panels are fitted with pre-punched galvanised steel end caps and the top and bottom panels are finished with an aluminium retainer which holds the top and bottom EPDM rubber seals.

All metal components on the door are galvanised for weather protection.

Thermal performance:

HVP's sectional overhead doors have a 'U' value of 0.6 W/m2 K.


Insulated door panel to give a sound reduction of (Rw) 25db. Please note: this is for the panel only, and does not include joints, i.e. a fully installed door.

Fire Resistance:

Facing materials used on composite panels to have a Class 1 surface spread of flame to BS 476: Part 7: 1971 and Class O as defined by the Building Regulations 1985.


The door track is fully galvanised cold-rolled 2mm thick galvanised steel track with spring buffers fitted to back of tracks. The springs are of the highest grade to DIN 17223 Sport C specification for longer life.

The door track can be standard lift, high lift, vertical lift or low headroom track. Optional 'follow the roof' and 'pitched track' configurations are also available.


Electric (3ph or 1ph), chain-hoist, or manual push-up, pull-down. Spring break safety device to be fitted as standard on manual single spring doors. Cable break safety device to be fitted as standard to all electrically operated doors (option on all doors regardless of size).

Locking Options:

Electrically operated doors are generally self-locking. A range of locking options are available, please contact us for more information.


The door's outer skin can be finished and coloured in one of the following range of finishes and colours.

HPS200 Standard Colours:

Albatross 18B17; Goosewing Grey 10A05; Hamlet S6314/Ral9002; Heritage Green RAL6002; Honesty 10C31; Merlin Grey 18B25; Moorland Green12B21; Mushroom 10B19; Ocean Blue 18C39; Olive Green 12B27; Sarasso RAL5003; Van Dyke Brown 08B29; Wedgewood Blue 18C37; White 00E55.

HPS200 Standard Accent Colours:

Aztec Yellow 10E55; Poppy Red 04E53; Solent Blue 18E53; PVF2 Metallic Silver RAL9006.

Architectural Polyester Standard Colours:

Gentian Blue RAL 5010; Sunset Red RAL3000; Yellow Green RAL6018; Yellow RAL 1021; White RAL9010; Bone White RAL9002; Fir Green RAL6009; Umbra Grey RAL7022; Grey Aluminium RAL9007; Sepia Brown RAL8014; Silver S7512/RAL9006.

The internal liner skin is finished in RAL 9010 white, polyester coated, stucco embossed galvanised steel as standard. Other colours are available on request.

Thermal bow:

If the sectional overhead door will be positioned where it is likely to receive direct sunlight, dark colours should be avoided due to the potential of thermal bow.

Maximum Sizes:

  • Manual operation: 3000mmW x 3000mmH
  • Chain Hoist or Electric operation: 7000mmW x 7000mmH
  • Maximum door area: 42 m2. Contact HVP for doors higher than 5500mmH.

Contact HVP at 01392 270218 for shutter weights or any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist.

Optional extras

Optional windows:

A range of windows in various sizes can be incorporated in the panel. Standard window size is 600 x 300mm with radiused corners.

Optional wicket door:

Wicket door 800mmW x 1800mmH to be fitted approximately 150mm above floor level to be supplied complete with cylinder type locking.

Optional additional safety equipment:
  • Safety edge to bottom panel of door.
  • Safety beam photo reflective unit.
  • Cable break safety device (fitted as standard on all doors in excess 500 kilos in weight).
  • Spring break safety device (fitted as standard on all single spring manual doors).
Optional aluminium skinned panels:

Aluminium skinned panels in preference to steel available in a stucco embossed 0.7mm thick outer skin, which has the benefit of reducing weight but with the same insulation properties.

Technical drawings

The diagrams below show technical details of the Cobra 610. Hover over the images for more detail.

Cobra 610 Sectional Door Parts

Technical drawing showing the parts of a sectional door. Diagram showing the parts of a typical "standard lift" sectional overhead door, including motor unit and windows.

Cobra 610 - Standard Lift - Typical Arrangement and Sizes

Typical dimensions and layout of a standard lift sectional door. Typical dimensions and layout of a standard lift sectional door.

Alternative arrangements

Next to the standard lift shown above, we can also supply and install the Cobra sectional door in low-headroom, high-lift or vertical lift varieties.

Low headroom, High Lift and Vertical Lift

Diagrams showing low headroom, high lift and vertical lift arrangements of the Cobra 610 sectional door.

Description Cobra Sectional Overhead Doors

The Cobra 610 Sectional Overhead Door can cover openings up to 7000mm wide and up to 7000mm high (subject to maximum size of 42 square metres). The panels can be pre-finished in an extensive range of colours and materials.

Doors accidentally damaged, can easily be repaired using replacement materials and components.

Vision panels can be incorporated in varying sizes.

We fit a spring break safety unit as standard on manual single spring doors and as an option on all doors.

We fit a cable break safety unit as standard on all electrically operated sectional overhead doors and as an option on all doors.

Excellent insulating properties

The thermal performance of our Insulated Sectional Door panels is better than the current specification in Building Regulations. The 1995 edition of Building Regulations Approved Document L 'Conservation of Fuel and Power' defines the 'U' value requirements for vehicle access on similar large doors as 0.7 W/m2 K.

U-value measures conduction, so lower values are better as they mean less warmth passes through. Our insulated sectional doors have a 'U' value of 0.6 W/m2 K.; better than stipulated by Building Regulations.

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors

The Cobra 610 is an industrial sectional overhead door. It can be used on warehouses, loading bays, factories, storage spaces, etc.

Downloads Cobra Sectional Overhead Doors

Below are downloads for HVP's Cobra Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors: technical drawings, specification texts and a technical brochure/fact-sheet.

Please contact us for further information such as door weights, available colours, technical advice or project specific drawings. We'll be happy to help with any further information you require.

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