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Shopping mall roller shutters

Perforated steel security roller shutter in shopping mall.
Thousands of small holes in this Viewguard roller shutter create a semi-transparent effect.

Malls and shopping centres commonly have CCTV installed and employ security personnel. Therefore, for shopping mall roller shutters, security isn't normally the top concern. Instead, aesthetics play a much more important role. We have a range of shutters that work beautifully in shopping centres.

As well as security shutters, most shopping malls also need to have a number of fire shutters installed. HVP is a specialist fire shutter installer and we supply various types of fire shutters.

Interior of a shopping centre with different levels

Security roller shutters with a sense of openness

Most shopping centres have wide corridors, high ceilings and light interiors. This creates a sense of spaciousness and openness. We supply various security shutters that beautifully supplement these qualities.

Polycarbonate roller shutters

Our Facade polycarbonate roller shutters are almost completely transparent and allow people to look into a shop outside opening hours. They are very strong so if security is also a concern, they are a good choice.

Punched aluminium roller shutters

The K90 roller shutter is made from extruded aluminium. It's a lightweight, strong roller shutter with a high level of visibility which is often used in shopping centres.

Perforated steel roller shutters

Viewguard roller shutters have a multitude of small (6mm), round holes in the shutter's curtain material. These holes create a semi-transparent effect when light shines on the roller shutter from inside the shop.

Chainlink roller grilles

Chainlink roller grilles combine modern and elegant lines with a large amount of open space. They are beautiful and effective security roller shutters that work well in shopping malls.

Security shutters for curved openings

Curved sliding security shutter.
FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters can follow any curve.

An increasing number of shops in shopping centres now have curved shop fronts. With standard roller shutters it's hard to continue such curves across the shop entrance. But our FlexiGlide range of sliding folding shutters can follow any curve.

FlexiGlide shutters are top-hung and slide horizontally. They work without a bottom track and fold away to the side completely (typically into a custom-built box) so that when the shop trades, the opening is completely clear. Combine this with minimum reduction in headroom and you have a security shutter that's perfect for shopping centres.

Fire compartmentalisation with fire resisting roller shutters

In shopping malls fire compartmentalisation is often a key area of attention and fire shutters usually play an important role in this. HVP Security Shutters is a specialist installer of fire resisting roller shutters and therefore we can assist in this area.

Product overview shopping mall roller shutters

The table below shows an overview of our range of Shopping mall roller shutters and grilles. Clicking the headings sorts the columns underneath by price, security level, etc. (hold shift for multiple columns). click to sort (hold shift to select multiple columns)

Overview Shopping mall (click headings to sort)
Product Price Security Visibility Short description
Armourshield shopfront roller grille Armourshield roller grille ££
50% Waved steel rods.
Elegant security, good visibility.
More »
Chainlink shopfront roller grille Chainlink roller grille £
65% Aluminium/stainless steel grille.
Effective security when fitted internally, very good visibility. More »
Clearlook shopfront roller shutter Clearlook Polycarbonate £££
80% Transparent polycarbonate.
Superb security and visibility.
More »
Facade shopfront roller shutter Facade Transparent £££
80% Transparent polycarbonate.
Excellent security and visibility.
More »
FlexiGlide sliding folding security shutter FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters ££
Varies Slides horizontally, follows any curve. Various levels of security and visibility. Effective security when fitted internally. More »
FS50 Fireguard fire resisting roller shutter FS50 Fireguard ££
0% Tubular motor fire shutter. 2 hour fire rating. Powered down. More compact. More »
FS75 Fireguard fire resisting roller shutter FS75 Fireguard ££
0% External block motor fire shutter. 2-4 hour fire rating. Powered down / Self-closing. More »
K90 aluminium shopfront roller shutter K77 / K55 Insulated ££
0% Double skinned insulated aluminium.
Lightweight, quiet, low headroom, versatile.
More »
K90 aluminium shopfront roller shutter K90 Aluminium ££
40% Punched aluminium.
Lightweight, strong, visibility.
More »
SeceuroVision punched aluminium shopfront roller shutter SeceuroVision 800 ££
Up to 65% Punched aluminium.
High visibility, balanced with security. More »
SeceuroVision aluminium shopfront roller grille SeceuroVision 900 ££
55% - 69% Aluminium Grille.
High visibility, balanced with security. More »
Viewguard shopfront roller shutter Viewguard £
30% Perforated steel.
Security and visibility.
More »

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