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Timber roller shutters

HVP is one of a handful UK suppliers of timber roller shutters. For a naturally beautiful security shutter nothing beats real wood.

A wooden roller shutter is not only a beautifully craftsman-made product, but also highly secure. We reinforce our timber shutters with solid steel cables that run the length of the shutter.

Security shutters made from real timber

Front view of a row of open lath timber roller shutter at a bar.
Craftsman-made timber roller shutter from real wood.

We make our wooden shutters from real timber. You can choose from various types of wood such as ash, oak or beech. They come in a sanded finish as standard, but we can also stain and/or varnish them for you.

Two types of timber roller shutters

Our timber shutters come in both a solid version or as an open lath.

Timber shutters and fire resistance

A question we're often asked is how do timber shutters perform in a fire? Naturally, many people assume a wooden shutter will burn easily, but in fact this is not the case.

Wood burns of course, but in a fire, real wood keeps its integrity much longer than some types of metal. Aluminium for example, melts at relatively low temperatures. A security shutter made from wood will burn, but it won't melt.

Of course a timber roller shutter can never be a replacement for an actual fire resisting roller shutter, but depending on the type of timber it will stay intact for a relatively long time.

More information

You'll find more information (including technical specification and drawings) on our page about Wooden Roller Shutters.

Timber roller shutters
Product Price Security Visibility Short description
Viewguard shopfront roller shutter Wooden shutters £££
Varies Real timber, various types. Solid or open curtain reinforced with steel cables. More »

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