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Sliding shutters are a popular alternative to traditional roller shutters. They are very versatile and you can use them in a wide variety of applications such as shopping centres, airports and restaurants.

FlexiGlide shutters are made from a set of strong aluminium panels that hinge together to form a curtain. This curtain hangs from an aluminium top-track and creates a secure barrier when the shutter is closed. FlexiGlide shutters slide and fold horizontally to the side, where they neatly fold away when not in use.

On the FlexiGlide website you'll find many more sliding shutter photos.

FlexiGlide sliding shutter technical specification

Technical Specification FlexiGlide sliding shutter

Horizontally-operated top-hung sliding folding shutter

General construction (varies slightly with each model):

Constructed of 152mm wide x 1.83mm thick full height aluminium panels. Panels framed by full height butt hinges on 178mm centres.

The overhead track is 34mm wide x 46mm high and takes 29mm diameter roller trolleys. The rollers bear on a 7mm thick aluminium surface within the track. Track curves, where indicated, have 254mm or 356mm radii. A custom radius track is available as an option.


Manually slides and folds sideways

Locking Options:

The grill incorporates 62mm x 33mm aluminium rectangular locking posts that are placed at regular intervals along the length of the curtain. Posts with floor bolts include dust free, stainless-top floor sockets. Lead and trailing end posts are cylinder controlled lock stiles with self-adjusting, cold-rolled steel floor bolts and top bolts through the top of the track into the support. Intermediate locking posts with cold-rolled steel floor bolts are supplied for (up to) every 3048mm of curtain.

Bi-part assemblies are supplied as required. One locking post has a hook-bolt deadlock activated by keyed or thumb-turn cylinders. A second intermediate locking post with a steel floor bolt includes a full-height channel to accept the hook-bolt deadlock.


Standard factory finishes are 10 micron clear anodizing. Depending on model the following finishes are available: K1285 (white), K70632 (light bronze), K71232 (medium bronze) or K90421 (black) Duracron acrylic paint. The complete shutter can be powder coated to most RAL colours (not all models).

Maximum Sizes:

  • Maximum width: unlimited
  • maximum height: 4200mmH

Model types

Available models (links open in a new window on the FlexiGlide website):

Contact HVP at 01392 270218 for FlexiGlide weights or any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist.

Technical drawings FlexiGlide sliding shutters

Below is a sample technical drawing of a FlexiGlide sliding shutter. Hover over the images for more detail.

Plan view

Technical drawing of a FlexiGlide curved sliding shutter. Diagram of a FlexiGlide curved sliding shutter

Description FlexiGlide sliding shutters

The FlexiGlide sliding shutter curtain is made from vertically-hinged aluminium panels (available in different styles). This construction allows the whole curtain to stack up into a small space when the shutter is not used.

The curtain hangs from an extruded aluminium track. We can bend the track to follow almost any radius curve. This way FlexiGlide shutters can secure curved openings.

The shutter track can be recessed or left visible. The curtain hangs from the track through a system of hangers and rollers. This allows the shutter to slide horizontally along the track. When it reaches the end of the track, it folds up onto itself and can be slid into a custom made box or left visible.

FlexiGlide sliding shutters have locking-posts at regular intervals. A variety of locking options are available, but typically locking posts have a top and bottom shoot bolt mechanism that locks with or without a key. The top shoot bolt locks into the top-track and ceiling, while the bottom shoot bolt locks into a socket in the floor or countertop.

Versatile security shutters

FlexiGlide sliding shutters are very versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. They are often used in shopping centres, airports and restaurants.

Our sliding folding shutters have several benefits over traditional roller shutters: they can secure very wide openings and openings with limited headroom; they can be used for straight runs or follow a curve; they can be hidden completely from view when they are not in use. See the FlexiGlide website for further benefits of sliding folding shutters.

Security shutters for curved openings

FlexiGlide shutters are exceptionally suitable for securing openings along a radius curve. As well as 90 and 45 degree standard angles, we can bend the top-track to almost any custom-curve. The curtain hangs from the track and follows its curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are FlexiGlide sliding shutters used for?

FlexiGlide sliding shutters are very versatile and aesthetic alternative to traditional roller shutters. They can be used for a wide range of applications and are often used in shopping centers, airports, restaurants, and other spaces where security and good design are important.

How do FlexiGlide sliding shutters operate?

FlexiGlide sliding shutters operate manually without an electrical motor. They slide and fold sideways along an extruded aluminum track. When not in use, FlexiGlide shutters can stack up into a small space or be slid into a custom-made box.

Are there different models of FlexiGlide sliding shutters?

Yes, FlexiGlide offers several models, including Barrier, Classic Chainlink, Protector, Vision Guard, Vision Air, and Vision Glass. Each model is designed to cater to specific requirements and preferences.

Can FlexiGlide shutters secure curved openings?

Yes, unlike traditional roller shutters thta can only operate in a single plane, FlexiGlide shutters are exceptionally suitable for securing openings along a radius curve. They can follow custom-curve tracks and hang from the track to follow its curve.

What locking options are available for FlexiGlide shutters?

FlexiGlide shutters have aluminum locking posts placed at regular intervals along the curtain. They come with various locking mechanisms, including hook-bolt deadlocks, cylinder-controlled lock stiles, and cold-rolled steel floor bolts for added security.

What is the maximum size of a FlexiGlide sliding shutter?

FlexiGlide sliding shutters have virtually unlimited maximum width. So they can span almost any width. The maximum height they can reach is 4200mmH.

What finished are there for FlexiGlide shutters?

Yes, FlexiGlide shutters come a standard clear anodised factory finish. Depending on the model, they can be customized with different finishes, including white, light bronze, medium bronze, or black Duracron acrylic paint. Additionally, they can be powder-coated to most RAL colors.

Do FlexiGlide shutters come with technical drawings?

Yes, every FlexiGlide sliding shutter we supply and install comes complete with a technical drawing, outlining all the important details of the shutter such as width, height, radius curve, weight, stacking size and more. You can see example drawings on our website.

How can I find more information about FlexiGlide shutters?

You can visit the FlexiGlide website for more information, including brochures, photo galleries, and case studies. Additionally, you can contact HVP at 01392 270 218 for any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters compared to traditional roller shutters?

FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters offer several advantages over traditional roller shutters. For example, they can secure wider openings with limited headroom, follow curved tracks, and have the option to be completely hidden from view when not in use.

Downloads FlexiGlide sliding shutters

Below are downloads of the FlexiGlide system:

Please contact us or visit the FlexiGlide sliding shutters website for further information.

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